Portrait Tips - Rico Singleton Photography

When to Schedule:

Plan your family portrait for a day and time that works with your family’s schedule and habits. Avoid scheduling your photography session on a busy day. If you have young children, pick a time that doesn’t interfere with naps and meals.

What to Wear:

Keep it simple with solid colors. Avoid large, bold patterns and bright colors, which draw attention away from your face. Darker colors are more slimming. Use clothing to frame your face. Scoop or v-neck shirts flatter shorter necks and full faces, while high-necked garments like turtlenecks and collared shirts flatter longer necks and slender faces. Wear long sleeves to deemphasize arms and focus the photograph on your face. Plan an outfit from head to toe. Our portrait photographer may suggest a full-length pose. Coordinate style, fabric, and color for the whole family.

What to Bring:

Prepare a light-colored outfit for a lighter portrait background and a darker outfit for a dark background. Clothing that corresponds with the background results in better portraits. Spice up your portrait with hair accessories or a simple scarf. Coordinate each family member by repeating a color or pattern.

Holiday Portrait Tips:

Holiday portraits are a cherished family tradition. Whether you give a framed photograph as a gift, print custom photograph postcards, or send prints with your holiday cards, a family portrait showcases your family’s spirit and helps you reconnect with friends and relatives. Let winter weather and holidays be your inspiration for a fun, natural family photograph. Use seasonal props like pumpkins, snowballs, paper snowflakes, holiday decorations, and gifts. Dress the whole family in a coordinated color scheme, like festive red and green, or wintery blue and white. Cozy up with sweaters to add warmth and texture to your photograph. Pick matching sweaters or complementary styles. Pose with a chalkboard or sign bearing a holiday greeting.

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